Our Creatures

Taffy's Favorites
Toy:   Christopher's Bo Bear
Food:   Animal Crackers, Puppy Treats
Drink:   Anything in the cats water bowl
Sleeping spot:   Mommy and daddy's bed

Earl's Favorites...
Vegetable:   Broccoli
Drink:   Water licked from tap
Sleeping spot:   In a cabinet under the kitchen sink

Ruby's Favorites
Toy:   Packing Peanuts
Drink:   Only Chilled Water
Movie:   Milo and Otis
Sleeping spot:   Computer chair

 Buttercup's Favorites
Toy:  Pink Kiddie Pool
Drink:  Anything!
Sleeping Spot: Mommy and Daddy's bed
Food:  CAT food, feathers, mulch, ....
Past Time:  Pulling weeds and placing them on the back porch, playing in kiddie pool, barking at toads, licking the air

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