Wednesday, May 25, 2011


The Kodiac Kind
Smile I am a bear

Hunching of the back compared with size. black (front), polar (middle), kodiac (back)

size chart

Hand shake anyone?
A Kodiac bear is in the brown bear family.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Daniel's SAT Scores

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Mommy explains Results
Notice on the main section seven columns over the grade equivalent, Daniel scored exceptional on all of his subjects he tested on. Take into consideration that he is the youngest in his grade by 1-3 years of his classmates. 

His lowest scores which were average for 2 grade 8th month (2.8) were:
Spelling -  2.4, right for his gender & age, not grade level
Language - 2.5, right for his gender & age, not grade level
Mathematics Problem Solving - Exact Grade Level 2.8  
These three are generally lower for boys in the second grade and usually double in the third grade with maturity. Though he did score exact on the third, not bad! 

His High Scores are just amazing! They were:
Word Study Skills - 4.8
Reading Comprehension - 5.0 
Listening - 5.4
Environment* - 10.2 He knows what a tenth grader does

  *Environment is: History, Geography, Political Science, Economics, Life Science, Earth Science, Physical Science, Science Process Skills

His other  scores were great too, they all are above average for his age and gender, most place him 1-3 grades ahead of what he is at now.

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 This is Daniels Bible Assessment Scores
Basically it says he is Advanced with a score of 623 



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